5 Reasons Your Business Needs Pinterest

In an ever changing world, businesses need to start thinking about how they can reach their target audiences in a variety of ways. Social media, in particular, Pinterest, is an excellent way to get a product in front of potential buyers. However, many businesses are still hesitant to venture into the world of Pinterest. But I’m here to tell you, businesses shouldn’t be wary of utilizing this platform!

What is Pinterest?

According to Pinterest’s help center, Pinterest is a visual discovery engine. Put another way, Pinterest is Google with pictures. Pinners use this search engine for a wide range of activities. Activities range from recipe ideas to decorating inspiration to actually making purchases. Since so many people are actively using Pinterest, it’s the social media outlet your business or blog needs to be on in order to get noticed.

What it isn’t

Many people believe Pinterest is a platform meant only for women looking for dinner ideas or to plan their wedding. This misconceived notion couldn’t be farther from the truth. Pinners are both male and female. And both sexes plan to make purchases based off what they find on the platform. This is great news for businesses! Not only are consumers on the platform to get ideas but they are also planning on buying.  

5 Reasons You Need Pinterest
  1. Many people may be surprised to learn that Pinterest has a large user base. While it’s not as large as Facebook, Pinterest does have over 150 million active users. This means a business can have a broad reach if the platform is utilized correctly. According to a study done by Ahalogy, 54% of users are women aged 34-55 years-old and 35% of these women have an income of over $100,000. Hello disposable income! The study also found that men and ethnic minorities, such as Hispanics, are joining in exponentially large amounts. Consumers of all backgrounds are on Pinterest which means your business should be too!
  2. Pinners are active, engaged, and loyal to the brands they follow. Not only are pinners actively browsing on Pinterest but most are on the platform to decide what to buy. In fact, 87% of pinners have bought a product because they saw it on Pinterest. And a whopping 93% of users have stated they bought a product that they saved on Pinterest at a later time.  
  3. Pinterest drives around 5% of referral traffic to a company’s website. While this may not seem like a large percentage, the only other platform that drives more referral traffic is Facebook at 25%. All other social media platforms are significantly less. This means if a business has click worthy content on Pinterest, it’s almost a guaranteed bet that consumers will make their way back to a company’s landing page. 
  4. As previously stated, the average household income of a pinner is $100,000. In a study conducted by Ahalogy, this is approximately 9% higher than a consumer not utilizing the Pinterest platform. Another bonus to Pinterest, most consumers peruse Pinterest over traditional marketing media (i.e., catalogues, tv, magazines). This is huge of businesses! Not only is Pinterest cheaper to advertise on verse print but the reach is much larger. Win-win! Pinners also tend to spend more on an average purchase.  According to Shopify, consumers who found products on Pinterest tend to spend $58.95 when they land back on a business’ site verse referral traffic from Facebook which is only $55.  
  5. Consumers consult Pinterest when making in store purchases. According to a study done by Ahalogy in 2015, 67% of pinners will actually look at their Pinterest inspiration when in a store. This means that businesses need to ensure they are posting high quality content that will help people see not only how a product works but how it can be incorporated into many aspects of their lives.

As one can see, Pinterest is essential for helping grow a business or brand.  In a time when so many businesses are closing, it’s vital to take advantage of all marketing platforms; which means Pinterest should be apart of that mix.  

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